submarine drone for sale Charleston

submarine drone
submarine drone
  • The first submarine drone Charleston

Everyone is always amazed to learn of a waterproof Drone that not only floats on the water, but can take of and land from the water also.. whether fresh water, salt water, lake, ocean, pool… whatever you want to throw it in! But what if there was a Drone you could even ‘fly’ underwater..? Enter the “MARINER”


It seems there is no limit to the fun you can have with the “MARINER” Waterproof Drone, and now the fun got extended to underwater like a submarine! Just think of the possibilities..


‘fly’ down for a look at your boat, inspect the keel, rudder, or prop, have a look at that reef nearby.. the possibilities are endless!

Lots more videos still coming, so stay tuned and make sure and subscribe if you aren’t already… You’ll see us out there, if we don’t see you first! 😉

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